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AliceMaster00 01-15-2012 06:00 AM

Realistic Movement for FP Games
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Well, i made a fp game and you have a battle ax, i was mesing around with the movement and i thought of it. I tried to make it a full game but even when set up i cant get the knight to get hurt. Well here's the game.
Hold E with W= Run
Space is to jump.

jediaction 01-15-2012 11:58 AM

Cool. It's about time another member started doing Animations. Can't wait to see what this one looks like...

Edit: Ok, the animations are very fluid. You should of erased the grass so the stone would look better though. You have to hold left for the camera to turn. You should make that animation more fluid. Over all, I think it's good. The Animations are above average, but the system in General needs a lot of work.

AliceMaster00 01-15-2012 12:18 PM

Ok, but the movement isnt supposed to be very fluid, thats what makes it realistic, if you use gentle movements than itll look more realistic ike your jump method in your 3rd person jedi game you made a LONG time ago.

jediaction 01-15-2012 01:09 PM

Yes, but the turning is jittery, and yes, I remember my third person game.

AliceMaster00 01-15-2012 01:40 PM


zero00 01-15-2012 05:10 PM

To make the turning smoother, replace the "camera turn <direction>" with "camera turn at speed <direction>"

GameKid 01-15-2012 09:04 PM

I think the breathing animation is too fast-- too stark. Make it slower.

AliceMaster00 01-16-2012 05:32 AM

K, i'll keep these things in mind.

AliceMaster00 01-16-2012 05:45 AM

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