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evil slader 12-17-2010 09:58 AM

How do i add objects to the gallery from the web
I cant figure out how to add objects to my gallery

Pentaplox 12-17-2010 12:38 PM

Convert them to the alice model format, but I forget the file type and what you use to convert it. But once you do that, simple drag the file into your alice gallery folder.

deciple44 12-17-2010 12:44 PM

Importing object from the web into your local gallery
When starting your first world, you click on add objects. When this procedure is done you will always have access to the basic objects in the gallery. Below the scene arror you should notice "Home > Local Gallery"; if you click on the Home text you will be taken to a screen that has two folders "Local Gallery" and Web gallery. If you click on the web gallery link you will be prompted with a message indicating that you need an internet connection to proceed. Assuming that you have on, procede to the next window. The following windows is similar to what you have on your local gallery, the only difference is you now have access to the complete alice objects gallery. Find the object that you want click on it, and export to the local gallery.
That is all you need to do. I hope this helps if it does not let me know and we can figure something else out.;)

CodyAM1993 12-17-2010 03:44 PM

Adding Objects to Local Gallery
If you find custom alice objects that are not already in the Local or Web Galleries, then you have two options depending on what format the objects you are wanting to add are in. If the objects are .a2c, then you can copy the .a2c files into the directory ...Alice [Version]/Required/gallery/[Desired Category Folder]. In the galleries folder, you can create new folders which apply to your custom objects. (For example, you could make a weapons folder) These objects will be in the Local Gallery next time you open Alice, and, more convenient, they will be there until you decide to delete them. However, if the objects format is based on ASCII, then you will need to import each object individually by going to File, then clicking Import... in Alice. [At this time I don't think you can add ASCII based objects to the Local Gallery, but I may be wrong.] I hope this helped. Good Luck!

SirThorfinn 12-17-2010 06:38 PM

Nice location, pentaplox, lol

Pentaplox 12-21-2010 08:52 AM

Haha yeah

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