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annanaster 07-21-2010 03:12 PM

Alice 2.2 repeatedly crashing on Windows7

I am trying to learn programming using Alice, which was suggested to me by my father (a computer scientist). However, I am having problems, because the Alice program will not run for more than about 5 minutes before it inexplicably freezes and crashes.

I have an almost new Windows 7 computer with very little software installed and nothing else running. I have tried both the version of Alice that comes on the CD in the "Learning to Program with Alice" book and also I have downloaded the latest version from the Internet.

Once it crashed when I tried to save a new world for the first time. Another time it crashed when I tried to open a world from the the textbook examples. Two other times it crashed when I was trying to manipulate objects.

I have spent two hours just trying to complete the examples in Appendix A of the "Learning to Program with Alice" book, and I still have not finished. Help! If this is what programming is all about, it's no wonder that my father has so many gray hairs!

zonedabone 07-21-2010 03:16 PM

Look at my sticky thread in how to. It's called tutorial faq. Do all f them.

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