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Warthen22 05-07-2011 03:42 PM

I need help with two things
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First, I am trying to get the horse to stay above ground during the ride routine. Second, my 'Lilly Trim' routine keeps looping without a loop. When the program gets to the ask user Do I want to trim the lillies, it asks that question twice for some reason.

I would appreciate if someone could give me a clue as to what I could do.

legolizard 05-07-2011 05:39 PM

For your first question I would use dummy objects in your move to methods.
For you second question delete the second event and it works fine.

Here is your program after these said changes...

Warthen22 05-07-2011 08:41 PM

Thanks for your help. With a little tweaking, I should be able to get it done. Thanks again!

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