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zeekthegamer 03-12-2012 04:20 PM

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here's my first map called driver. the point of this game is that you can drive around in a small simple city. use the arrows to dive around. please let me know if it does not work or any bugs. it might be a little buggy.:)
[COLOR="Blue"]new updates coming soon.[/COLOR]

zeekthegamer 03-13-2012 10:24 PM

new update
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I added a new update. Here are the list of the new updates.:)

more water
More buildings

dakota95 03-14-2012 07:51 AM

Ok, it is a good start. There is no object detection, and that is fine because there are so many buildings that it would be hard to do.
I like the colorful buildings although I would recomend actually using the buildings that are in alice(although it looked like you wanted the color).
I like the idea for water. When you said that you were going to have water I was wondering how, because alice has no water except for the ground colored like water.
The humvee moves WAY to fast. You can slow it down by creating your own methods to move it(if you need an example I'll make one).
Overall a pretty good start to a game. I really liked the octagonal objects that were just lines that you could see through. Good idea.

zeekthegamer 03-14-2012 02:29 PM

Thank you very much. Can you show me a example how to slow down the car?:)

dakota95 03-14-2012 03:08 PM

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Ok. Look at how I made the car move in the attached world. Instead of using the pre-made method I created one. First you have to create the while a key is pressed(notice it is not when a key is typed). The way you do this is by dragging out the while a key is typed and right click on it and change it.

zeekthegamer 03-14-2012 04:00 PM


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