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AliceAndConnor 11-22-2014 12:26 PM

Battlefront - The FPS Shooter Game!
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[B][U]Important: Please note this thread for Battlefront is outdated, and a new thread for the new Battlefront will be coming very soon. For more info, please see this link, [url][/url]. This thread may be deleted or re-used, I am still deciding which to do. Thank you.[/U][/B]


[B]Hello everybody! Welcome to the official thread for Battlefront, my FPS game!
Here I will post all the new updates and have an attachment for you guys to download it if you want! :D [/B]

[U]Game description:[/U] You thought you had destroyed all the alien-monster robots like a thousand years ago and saved planet earth... but you are wrong.
You now must face the even bigger and better refined army of these war-thirsting creatures and re-store humanity as there is only you left on earth - or are you wrong again?

This game was inspired by my friend Bradyn!

-This game is currently rated E10+ for realistic guns and ammo; not by the ESRB, but by our truthful opinion. It has no blood or gore.

Special Notes:
-This game is currently in alpha stages
-This game is currently not meeting the original plot
-This game is currently not satisfactory to the fullest extent
-This game is currently at v1.1

How To Play:
-W & S Key to move forward and backward
-A & D Key to turn around at a good speed
-Z & X Key to move left or right in a straight line
-R & T Key to turn around at a faster speed
-C & V Key to turn around at a slower speed
-Space Key to jump in the air
-Right or Left Click to shoot bullet
-O Key to toggle the scope
-P Key to bring up in-game menu
[B]-Aiming at the chest of the enemy is about 2 shots, and head is 1! Shooting the legs may weaken him, but it may take a long while for the bullet to go through his steel protection![/B]

To view the official list of credits for Battlefront, click [URL=""]here[/URL] and go to the section of games, and you will find it under that title.
Thank you.

[I]Also please note that the game may not be so good now, such as having little enemies, no reloading etc. but they'll be added soon![/I]


-v0.7: Official Alice Community Release!
-v1.0: New version way better than before! Now there's a working menu and pause menu, plus scenery and better collision detection for the enemy!
-v1.1: Got rid of the confusing rule of clicking on the scope or around it to shoot, and completely improved that! Now just click anywhere, and you'll shoot the bullet when in the game!

And lastly everybody, please feel free to put any of your thoughts or ideas for the game to make it better if you want (which is highly appreciated! :D) and stay-tuned for fast updates coming soon! Bye everyone! :)

(The game is also available for download from my site, [url][/url]).

AliceAndConnor 12-08-2014 08:32 PM

Update v1.2 Coming Quick!
Hello everybody! Don't worry if the updates haven't been as fast we said they were going to be, because v1.2 is going to come out this week! :D

Now you won't be able to move while in the in-game pause, plus you can't look up or down while in the main menu or in-game pause menu now, too!

Thank you very much for reading! Also thaks to everyone who have played this game and veiwed this thread! Bye everyone! :):):)

RavenOfCode 12-09-2014 02:54 PM

Looking Better by the update :)
Looking really cool! :) More work and it will be really great!

AliceAndConnor 12-09-2014 07:28 PM

That's so nice of you!
Exactly what I said in my respond to your other awesome feedback! :D:D:D

[url][/url] - Post #4

RavenOfCode 12-18-2014 05:32 PM

Anything new?
Anything new so far in Battlefield? I would love to see a working enemy :)

AliceAndConnor 12-18-2014 06:44 PM

Hello Raven! I'm glad you asked! I'm almost ready to release the new enemy AI from a tutorial from sfunk! I've now worked out the system and am almost ready! :):):) Thank you for making the suggestion!

AliceAndConnor 12-18-2014 06:58 PM

And Also...
And also... how about Riot: Alpha Class! Do you have anything new you're working on? :D

RavenOfCode 12-18-2014 09:17 PM

Sounds Cool
Sounds cool :) Should be fun =D

Riots coming along decent added a few new guns, 2 new maps, new enemies, stuff like that. Still working on the story line though... :)

AliceAndConnor 12-18-2014 10:18 PM

That's Awesome!
Really? That sounds awesome! I was just thinking that new maps and different enemies would be a great idea for the game, and BAM! You've already been working on those features! :D:D:D Plus even more like new guns and other stuff??!! :)

I just thought of adding a kill count or score like Riot to my Battlefront game, too, just to let you know! :D

RavenOfCode 12-19-2014 01:38 PM

New Release
I just released the newest version of Riot: Alpha Class, sounds, and guns :)

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