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zonedabone 01-28-2010 04:58 PM

Alice Office
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Announcements:[LIST][*]The next generation of Alice word is beginning beta stages![*]This is the new thread for everything that has to do with Alice Office![/LIST]Word 2.0.2b has seen a massive revamp of the system. CTRL is now used. Press CTRL to enable. This will highlight a sign. CTRL+P prints the doc to the text output, and CTRL+D inserts the date! The CTRL features are easy to add, so expect/suggest more! The key listeners have also been combined, making the entire program run much faster!The next beta should see a movable cursor, which shouldn't be too hard. I've done
proofs of the concept, so I just have to apply them.

Stable Releases:
2008: [ATTACH]2401[/ATTACH]

Current Betas:
[I]These probably have many issues to resolve![/I]

Past betas:

I am beginning work on a data storage world. The world will use lists nested within lists to create tables.

This will be much like alice, data, however, there will be fewer wizards, and it uses arrays.

I am hoping to make a world where objects can be crated to a certain extent. I want them to be able to resize, rotate, move, etc.

I am also working on several games! These include and FPS, a Rubiks cube, and a racing game using imported graphics!

King Gamer(gorit) 01-28-2010 10:07 PM

The Beta Is GOOD!!
I just tested the Beta and I have found it to be better than the stable release. My only thoughts is if there is a way to make a backspace function. I would not think there is but it would be very useful. My last comment is that it seems the letters shake consntantly while you are typing.

King Gamer(gorit) 02-05-2010 01:58 PM

Well I'm amazed at the ability to do all of this. The one thing I beleive it should have as I staed before is a backspace button and I know how to do it. Although my method would be very simplistic and would probably only have the ability to save the last 50 changes at most(depends on how long you want to spend on this vital function).
P.S. If you would like I could add it to the code and if I did it it would probably do around 100-150 changes.

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