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TheFinalShowdown 05-06-2012 10:04 AM

How do I get started?
[FONT="Book Antiqua"][COLOR="Red"]Do you think I am being unreasonable in hoping to skip the tutorals? I do not mean that I am not going to read them, and on the contrary I will, but I find reading tutorals hard because I can't remember much of of the how-to's in chronological order. But if one of the members here would just show me how to get started as with a number list of what to click on, I think I will be able to pick it up quite easily. And it might also help others installing the program. As with the following queries:

1. Create scene.
2. Put objects in it.
3. Put characters in it.
4. Switch on their auto defaults that are listed in the bottom left window.

I would like to keep the game simple and avoid all of the technical stuff. With these four how-to's I could get started.

Thank you for providing such a good game, the tutoral showing me how which I have played, was most interesting.[/COLOR][/FONT]

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