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aliceinformatica 06-03-2008 01:07 PM

Alice School Exam 4
I'll translate it from dutch, exactly as it is written in the question of my exam.

[U]Step 8: end of the game[/U]

When all objects are gone, and the player is still there, then the game is ended and the player won. Make here use of 3 global variables from the type "boolean" wich indicate that an object (cone) is gone or that it isn't gone. You could name these variables like this:- Object1exists
- Object2exists
- Object3exists
At the beginning of the game the 3 objects still exist. So the beginvalue of these objects is: (I have to fill it in on my exam)
When an object dissapeares, the value of the variable of each object has to change in: (I have to fill it in on my exam)

Now make sure (with an event) that the whole time thanks to a function "checkIfThereAreAnyObjectsLeft" it is checked that there are any objects left. If there aren't any objects left, the player won. The end of the game is reached and again the score and the name of the player is showed.

PLEASE HELP ME!!! I know it's a big job but please!

ulrich200 06-14-2008 02:05 PM

i feel like helping you would be cheating

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