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BenRhoads 09-01-2010 02:19 PM

Alice in openSuse 11.2
I've unzipped Alice 2.0.0.tar.gz and ran

[CODE]sudo ./run-alice[/CODE]

to get the following message:

[CODE]attempting to register mp3 capability...
Registered succesfully
No X11 DISPLAY variable was set, but this program performed an operation which requires it.
at sun.awt.HeadlessToolkit.getScreenSize(
at edu.cmu.cs.stage3.alice.authoringtool.JAlice.configInit(
at edu.cmu.cs.stage3.alice.authoringtool.JAlice.main([/CODE]

At the moment I'm running X11 with Nvidia display drivers on openSuse 11.2 with KDE as my environment.

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