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sorenwind 06-22-2011 03:26 PM

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This ones made by me
It was for a school project
Arrow keys to move, Space to shoot

jediaction 06-22-2011 07:23 PM


[FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=darkred]Pros:[/COLOR][/FONT][/B]

[B][FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#8b0000]No glitches encountered![/COLOR][/FONT][/B]
[B][FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#8b0000]Good challenge[/COLOR][/FONT][/B]
[B][FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#8b0000]Great sounds![/COLOR][/FONT][/B]

[B][FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=darkred]Cons:[/COLOR][/FONT][/B]

[B][FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#8b0000]Bullet system is weird[/COLOR][/FONT][/B]
[B][FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#8b0000]Turning is to slow[/COLOR][/FONT][/B]
[B][FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#8b0000]Collisions don't work well[/COLOR][/FONT][/B]

[B][FONT=Arial Black]Overall[/FONT][/B]

[B][FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4]72/100 by [B][COLOR=#ff0000]Chrome[/COLOR][/B] [B][COLOR=#ff0000]Games[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

[B][B][FONT=Courier New]This is good for a school project because of the codeing required. Good job, but you should fix the turning speed and when you go out of the map, you don't come out the other side. It would also be better to fix the collisions on the asteroids. I could only hit 3 and I didn't even aim to hit them. I just fired and the score randomly went up. Also, the bullet is clunky and fires bad.[/FONT][/B][/B]

sorenwind 06-23-2011 10:37 AM

Thanks for the input and the comments. I'll definently try and make this a better game

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