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sgparry 10-12-2013 08:29 AM

Alice 3.1 Discussions
Dear All,
I am an avid fan of the Alice product / project but one thing continues to frustrate me.
I am purely focused on Alice 3.1 - as an educator I believe A3.1 is a much more promising vehicle for teaching OOP, Java and Event Driven Programming than A2 is. However when communicating or searching on the forums I am continually hampered by the fact that there are no dedicated Alice 3.1 forums. There is a defunct Alice 3.0 beta forum, that's all. Can we please have some dedicated A3.1 forums? I know you can tag Alice 3.1 stuff, but that's not the same. Alice 3.1 posts are currently outnumbered by about fifty to one (by my very scientific estimate) and I suspect I'm not the only one feeling a bit homeless.

Stephen Parry

bob3584 10-28-2013 03:31 PM

That's because less people use Alice 3 than Alice 2. This, for me, is mainly due to the fact that Alice 3 can't have custom models or hacks, making it useless for my uses (and possibly the uses of others).

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