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Conversation Between Chris101b and madden
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  1. Chris101b
    12-08-2008 11:10 PM
    Thanks man, can't wait to see what you can cook up as well. Good luck.
  2. madden
    12-07-2008 09:17 PM
    Alright thanks! ^^
    And I can't wait till you are done with it!
    looking forward to other movies and/or games from you (or anything else you will do)! ^^
  3. Chris101b
    12-07-2008 01:38 AM
    Nice, I cant wait to play it. I hope my writers block goes away too. I haven't come up with a good way to end it yet. I'm hoping that I can fit everything into one movie. I want to do something different afterward. If I can think of anything.
  4. Chris101b
    12-07-2008 01:36 AM
    They are in the Alice library. Everything that I use in all of my movies are going to be from the Alice gallery. I think it might be in the web gallery though. It's under people.
  5. madden
    12-06-2008 07:16 PM
    Awww, well I hope your writers block goes away soon! ^^'
    CSS Is going great, I am almost done with a 4th of the game... I think. XD
  6. Chris101b
    12-05-2008 08:31 PM
    Doing great man. I am making War Zone 2 but am having a little writers block. I am trying to think of some cool things that I can put in there. How's CSS coming? I cant wait to play it. I love the art style you picked.
  7. madden
    12-05-2008 11:27 AM
    How are you doing? ^^

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